What Mood Do You Choose Today?

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“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” -Voltaire

Oh yes!!! Most days are fun, some days can be a challenge–other days just a breeze–and the best part–we really are in charge of our feelings, emotions, attitudes, actions and behavior… we have a choice each and every moment to BE who we want to BE. Create your own ‘feel good mood’ and stay in that happy place and sit back and enjoy the ride of what we call life. Things happen–good and bad– and I learn to deal with them, accept what is and move on. Things do not just happen overnight, everything is a process. Be patient, be kind and calm and I know I shall Be What and Who I am in each and every moment–as I remain aware and conscious of my now. I am grateful for all that I do have and I choose to feel good and create the me I want to BE in this gift of a journey we are each given. Therefore, today and always I choose to remain in a state of pure gratitude, happiness and laughter mood as I am wholeheartedly filled with love–to give and receive–unconditionally always and forever.

With Love & Deep Gratitude,
Dianne Furphy

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3 thoughts on “What Mood Do You Choose Today?

  1. Hi Diane, this is such a true statement although there are days when believing in yourself is harder to instill in oneself. This I know is temporary for me. Creating what I want is taking a bit of time. There are a couple of things I want to do but circumstances won’t permit me at this time. I have patience and I have time. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    • Virginia,

      I agree! …Some days can be a challenge to believe in oneself although I believe it is all about the practice, work and dedication we put into ourselves. If we pray for, say patience, I believe we are put into a situation where we have to practice our patience and that patience is not just directly given to us. Everything is a process and all takes time. It seems to me you are on the right path and are exactly where you are supposed to be NOW and always. Good things come to those who wait, yes? I see you are to receive what your heart truly desires– after all, you DO have the patience and the time. 😉 Best wishes to you my dear friend.

      With Love,

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