What If…We are all Healthy?

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What if all of our illnesses and diseases were eliminated when we eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis?

What if our unhappiness can be replaced with joy due to choosing to create and maintain a life that makes us happy and are passionate about?

What if we choose to surround ourselves with uplifting, optimistic, loving people who inspires and encourages us to feel good and make our worlds brighter?

What if we see each challenge, not as an obstacle but as a learning opportunity?

What if we can become more wise and knowledgeable by learning from each of our life experiences, taking time to educate ourselves by reading, attending social gatherings and expand our consciousness by learning new information and putting ourselves out there?

What if we can rid of negativity by seeing the best in everyone and everything?

What if –by choosing to wake up each day filled with gratitude and to see each day as a fresh, new start– we begin to see and feel everything as a blessing in our lives?

What if being kind and doing nice deeds was really an answer to making this world a better place?

What if loving ourselves and everyone and everything was an answer to dismantling fear?

What if art and music were phenomenal healing therapy?

What if each of us have a special skill and talent deep within us that we can share with one another to bring more light and luminescence to the world?

What if we can clear chaos from our lives by clearing our minds?

What if a daily dosage of laughter… and I am talking about a BIG ol’ heart-felt belly laugh, having fun and exploring life to the fullest- what if this is the best medicine and cure to living a fulfilled, healthy life?

What if each day we choose to live in the moment of the now instead of thinking about and creating illusions that aren’t really true or real but thinking of it– makes it so?

…What if we all lived so true, every. single. day.?

What if everything we ever need to know is deep within us?

What if we were co-creators and created our reality?

What if the human race seen each other as one -as humanity, as a family- and the world  live in heavenly peace?

What if the above examples are just some ways to better our health and rid of toxins and poisons in ourselves (mind, body, spirit) and life– forever? ….WHAT IF?

What if we chose to live this way each day to not only benefit our health for our own well-being but for the good of humanity and Mother Earth we call our home?

What if God is Love and Love is God?

WHAT IF it were all this simple?… WHAT IF?

Loved By:
Dianne Furphy, 2014

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.

What are some of your “What Ifs?” I would love to hear thoughts and feedback. Please feel free to share in the comment box below. I look forward to reading what you have to say. Lots of love!

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