Veggie Bean Burger Recipe

When I cook, I am the type to just measure by eye and go with how many people are eating so it all varies how much food I add. These bean burgers are very popular in my home and one of my favorite, quick and easy meals to cook. I switch up the type of beans each time I make them too: black beans, red kidney beans, garbanzo beans – I sometimes combine all three or use just one can of beans at a time.

Ingredients I use:

-Typically one can of beans OR I use half of all three cans when I do the three bean burger (personal choice)
-Chopped onion, cut very small
-Chopped fresh broccoli, cut very small
-Shredded and chopped up fresh carrots, cut very small
-Chopped cauliflower, cut very small
-Cut up kale, cut very small
-Barbecue Sauce
-Grinded flax seeds
-Garlic powder
-Garlic Salt
-Ginger spice
*Other spices can be added too. I switch it up from time-to-time with the spices. 

1. I add all of those ingredients together in a bowl and mix together.
2. I form the desired burger size into a patty shape.
3. I melt vegan butter into a pan and fry up the burgers on medium low.
4. Burgers are typically finished when they start browning and becoming crisp on both sides.

Any questions please feel free to ask!!

 In-Joy 🙂


P.S. Pictures will be uploaded soon!


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