Together Us Free

Brian Edison, at the age of 5 made this necklace on his own.: TOGETHER US FREE.

Brian Edison, at the age of 5 made this necklace on his own: TOGETHER US FREE. There were a bunch of different words for him to choose from and these are the 3 words he put together. Kids have so much TRUTH to share, if only we *listen* to and learn from our youth.

I don’t usually post things like this
but my heart is amiss and I just cannot dismiss how I feel
so right now I have to keep it real and share my spiel.
What is the deal with us humans and turning against one another,
when in true,
we are all sisters and brothers.
Why do we have to smother each other with our opinions and force our beliefs down another’s throat, feeling dominion all while thinking you are the only one winning.
It is not a competition, who are we kidding, if we keep this up, it will only allow us to keep spinning and stinging in circles…
so where is the beginning of forgiving anew?
Just because someone or something is taboo to you,
does not mean you have to cut through the hearts and souls and be in control,
get out of here with that negative hole.
Let’s now all enroll, to a fresh, positive parole
And shine through this darkness of fear, violence and hate
It is now time to clear our slate and designate
And migrate to that place of love
That we each are-
And express our natural repertoire
And get back in sync with our Divine radar
And rid of the separation
And retrieve liberation
And feel the acceptation
Back to the rotation
Of the illumination
Of who we really are….
For we are ONE- one human race, that is filled with grace
And interlaced with truth and light
Naturally filled with compassion and great might
To ignite the power we have within
Because it has always been
Not about the skin- gender, age, or any of that cheaper talk
It runs so much deeper like the peacekeepers that we are
Each made of up of and a part of the sun, moon and stars….

I am so sad to see all the hate and fighting going on over this election. It seems to be tearing us apart and separating us as a human race and putting us in a dark place. Everyone thinks their opinions are more “right” when of course, we are all going to have a different opinion but that’s just the thing, when we have a different view on any topic, it is about respecting one another and still having patience and compassion towards that person so we can live in peace and harmony. Otherwise, we are only going to destroy ourselves and the human race. Let’s rise UP and come together because when we are together, it sets us free!!!

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