To Love and To Be Loved Poem

"To Love and To Be Loved." Artist: Dianne Furphy

The Oneness of you and me,
Together we are free,
Because the visions I see…
Of Unity,
Are images flashing and flowing through me,
Within seconds I transform to BE,
Decree dreams and memories…
Of yesterday, today, tomorrow…
All in the now of time,
We are all really more than fine,
Because we each are a part of the Divine,
Just twist your mind,
To believe there is no such bind,
And you shall find,
The Truth which aligns,
Leaving the lies behind,
To make life a beautiful, heavenly design…
We are one human race, Let’s treat each other kind…
Because we all deserve to shine,
When observing the signs,
That are put right in our lines,
All for the purpose to twine…
To love and to be loved.
Now that’s what you call BEing on cloud nine.

-Written by Dianne Furphy
May 2013

Title: To Love or To Be Loved.
Medium: Watercolor paints
Artist: Dianne Furphy

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