Thoughts Create Reality: Will Smith seems to Agree

It took me a very long time to realize that everyone is different and special in their own unique ways and I have learned that we are all the same race – we are the human race. I am curious about life, about Who I Really Am, why am I really on this earth, what my purpose is—and the questions continuously goes on. I once was on a search for answers about my life through other people and yet I am beginning to learn that it all comes down to: the answers are within me; within myself–in the deep love of my heart is where I hold all of my Truth. There is a grand Universe out there waiting to be explored and I truly believe there is something ‘bigger’ out there… possibly a Divine Plan for each of us.

I see and understand through my own life experiences that there are signs (some also call these synchronicity’s) that I experience on this journey of mine. I learned all I have to do is observe and pay attention to what comes my way in each and every moment. The more I stay focused and grounded, the more I become more aware of my thoughts, my actions, behaviors, feelings and emotions and my surroundings to help me build and create a healthier me due to the signs and piecing them together. By focusing on the good and positive of it all and seeing beauty in all that comes my way helps create a better me each and every day.

I also believe we all have choices to create and maintain the life we want. It all starts with believing in ourselves and putting action into us. Our thoughts and the way we feel also play a role in the creation of our life. Find the balance and the alignment within… 


Here is a video I found on actor, producer and rapper Will Smith sharing similar beliefs as I do. Enjoy and Believe!


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