This Very Moment, Here and Now

This very moment—here and now—is all I have and I choose to focus on and be grateful for what I already do have instead of waiting around on something that may or may not come one day because…

This present of mine is a gift and when I remain conscious on living in my present, I am able to be aware of who it is I really am (while working on a better me) and saying “YES” to experience new opportunities especially by living from my heart, choosing to do kind deeds for others (and myself) and spending time with my loved ones because I know that one day this very moment of my here and now will never be again and it will all be cherished and/or faded memories I hold deep within me.

I am learning that time is only an illusion… what is real is this very moment, this present, this here and now (because tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us)… and it is on us to wake up to this and live out each moment to BE fully alive; therefore:

…CHOOSE WISELY what you decide to do with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, behavior, and attitude in each moment because it is who WE are and what we shall BEcome.

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want

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