The Words That Flow Through Me

'Flowing Through.' Photography by Dianne Furphy

The angels that I so desire to see…

May be…

Are The demons I am trying to overcome that are deep within me.

May be…

The anger, the hurt, the pain—

Is no longer what I want to experience-

Yet it teaches me to grow.

I cannot stay the same—the same needs change…

Just like happiness needs sadness to understand it is happy, yes?

I can only learn…

Learn what is good for myself; mind, body and soul—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

And make the choices to act just on that-

To make me feel good;

Good in a sense of—

My body wholeheartedly has a nice and peaceful vibration feel to it.

I have to include my intuition—there is something extraordinary going on in my stomach that I feel—that when I know—I just know! I have never been so absolutely sure when I tune in to my feelings and emotions

To observe and be aware of how I am feeling and why.

WOW… they can do wonders too. I feel happy when I do things like spend time with my family and friends, travel, do activities I love such as photography, painting, writing and so many more fun-filled things to do; after all, there are so very many to choose from in this grand Universe.

…Which means I create and maintain my own happiness. I put action into what I love –my passions– to express myself as the natural born artist I am—that I believe we all are.

When I am curious—I explore:

Travel, take classes, attend like-mind groups, hang out with friends and friends of friends, I believe social gatherings are great for my growth process too.

–There are tons to do to explore our interests.

We are born from love.
We are love.
We know how to love.
To share love.
To be love.
From love steams:


…and on…
…and on….
…and on…
…and on…
…and on…
…and… (in my Q-Tip singing voice)

All of those above words i.e. love, joy -are our natural state… it IS who we are.

These words we use—

To communicate with one another

…is Difficult in a sense…

To express—I mean really, really, really express how I am feeling deep within the love of my heart.

All we want as humans Beings is to love and be loved

We don’t want to be alone—we want to fit in and belong, yes?

Yet we are all ONE human Race—a human species—a family—a whole—a Unity.

As the human race, we can relate to one another in many ways:

I get mad too. Things can really piss me off and all I want to do is throw a stinky sock at you.

However, when I deal with my anger, frustration, or any other similar feelings I may experience; I redirect any negative thought into a positive–

To react in a positive, calm manner to a not-so-pleasant situation—I am positive outcomes!

I have this thing called a body and this other thing called a life.

With these two things, I am going to love you and me—and I MEAN really love all of you and all of me.

And I am going to be kind to you—all of you. And I am damn sure to be kind to myself.

As I do unto me, I shall do unto you.

I shall enjoy this precious thing called life—

Yet I believe life is a gift and we each all have very special ways about us.

Skills, talents, –those so-called-flaws… are not flaws. They make you… YOU!!!

Be true by being you.

I love me and I love you.

Go now and create the you that you so shall desire to Be—and Be it…

Because me—I create the me I so desire to Be—and so shall I Be it.

-Written by Dianne Furphy
May 2013


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