My Divine Animal.

All Rights Reserved. Photo copyright to Dianne Furphy, 2012.

I posted this picture knowing it is very special to me because I have noticed over the past several months this bird keeps appearing wherever I go. First I noticed it flying around as I was pulling out of my back alley way with my toddler in the back seat a couple months ago. Then I noticed this bird flying above me as I was at the playground with my child and partner just two weeks ago (The photo listed was taken by me, Dianne at Smith Playground, PA on May 25, 2012). I also seen this bird flying above me just this past weekend while I was at my partner’s football game with my toddler, niece and mother-in-law. This bird flies high above me, circling around, in a diagonal view point from where I stand. I seen it other times in the past too. While this past weekend, I seen it, I was staring at it while I asked my mother-in-law what kind of bird it was. She had no idea. So when the football game was over, as we approached our car, a random guy says directly to me, “Do you know what kind of bird that is? It is a Hawk.” Ask and you shall receive, aye?

Currently, this whole journey I am on, this spiritual journey of finding out Who I Am has brought me here focusing on living in the Now. My main focus is to find out what my true purpose on this earth is. I have one life, I believe we all are very special, talented and gifted beings; we just are not fully awake and aware of it…and I am determined to find out why I exist in this life we call reality.

So, now here I am. Now in this moment, I am writing this blog post in regards to this hawk that has been surrounding me; whether it be the same exact hawk every time; I do not know but I kind of “feel” it is. I also “feel” and believe this special bird is soaring the skies above me for a very special reason. I thank this bird for its company; for it is rather comforting.

Me being the curious person I am, I of course took the initiative upon myself to  do research on hawks and spirituality. The research I have found basically states that Hawks are messengers and that I am awaking to my soul’s purpose. Hawks are also known as “Visionary power, attention, leadership, truth, creativity, insight, and guardianship.” (Hawk, Spirit Meaning, Symbols and Totem, All Totems, n.d.). Also, other information I found stated that when I see this bird, it is trying to tell me something; to be more aware and open in that given situation and that I have a gift/talent that I am may not aware about yet. There is SO much information out there about such topic. Therefore, with SO much to learn about myself  and that every thing is connected in one way or another, I decided to piece together what this animal can symbolize and mean in my own personal life. I have linked together a couple of things that makes sense. All the encounters I remember with the hawk, I had a child/children around me at the time. (A playground, a sports field with families…) KIDS, KIDS, KIDS!!! Kids have been popping up in my life for a long time now. I have recently applied to volunteer at my local library with my toddler to help out with arts and crafts and story time. I have even more-so BIGGER plans with my very own volunteering work. Stay tuned to reading to find out how YOU can be a positive change in your community and how to support and be a part of Create What You Want.

Anyhow, I am really working on finding out as much as I can about myself, as I am sure most of us are. I look back and reminisce with my past and see how far I have grown and evolved. All of my life experiences are what I have learned from to become a better, healthier me. Life experiences are life learning lessons; it took me a long time to figure it out and live by it and now that I am, I am most grateful.

I thought I would share this wonderful experience and insight with you.  As I am sure you have many of your own questions and curiosities as I do. Any other information on this topic would also be greatly appreciated so please feel free to leave any comments and/or personal thoughts in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you; as we can all learn from each other. Thank you.

Much Love to all…


“I think I could turn and live with animals,
they’re so placid and self-contained,
I stand and look at them long and long.
They do not sweat and whine about their condition,
They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,
They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,
Not one is dissatisfied,
Not one is demented with the mania of owning things,
Not one kneels to another,
Nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,
Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.”
-Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself”

All Rights Reserved. Photo copyright to Dianne Furphy, 2012.


All Totems. (n.d.). Hawk, Spirit Meaning, Symbols and Totem, All Totems. Designed and Powered by Web Wire.

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‘Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.’ -Dianne Furphy

10 Ways On How To Care For a Child/Toddler Who Has a Fever (this does not apply to infants)


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Toddlers and Temper Tantrums Techniques.

This photo was taken as my toddler was in a middle of a tantrum as we were out in public at a school play. As you see my legs sitting there minding my own buisness, not paying attention to his bad behavior.

Being a parent to a toddler can sometimes be very overwhelming especially during one of their temper tantrums. I have provided several personal approaches to go about dealing with a toddler when they are in the middle of a temper tantrum. Since every child is different, their reaction will be different… Take for instance my toddler, he is currently in the stage where he kicks, screams, tells me no and runs away and even hits himself. My hubby and I were torn on how to go about this situation being that we are new to this (we are first time parents) but what we found that benefits the situation are a couple of techniques listed below. Now keep in mind, these techniques will not all the time work; it all depends on the child which will at times take awhile to get calmed down so be patient. Like I said, every child is different and will act differently during their tantrums. My toddler basically throws his tantrums when he does not get what he wants but again, every child is different. Also keep in mind that if the child is in harm of himself or others during the tantrums do your best to keep the toddler in a safe environment until they are calmed down. If it is to the point where you are concerned about the tantrum and the toddler being in danger, contact your doctor right away. Furthermore, do not feel embarrassed if you are in public, it happens to almost every toddler, I am sure most parents who witness the tantrum has dealt with it sometime too and can relate.

Different Techniques for Toddler Temper Tantrums:

  • Always approach your toddler in a calm manner during a tantrum. Talk to your toddler with a gentle tone. Showing frustration or any other negative approach will most likely worsen the situation.
  • Comfort your toddler. During the tantrum, hug your toddler and tell the toddler you love them and all will be ok.
  • Try to change the mood and situation by distracting your toddler with another topic or play.
  • You can also try and walk away from the toddler to show that you are not giving them attention for their “bad” behavior at that moment. But make sure your child is not in harm and is safe by keeping your eyes on the toddler at all times yet keep yourself busy so they do not think you are giving them any attention to that type of behavior.
  • Try to talk with your toddler about their feelings and emotions. Help them understand how they are feeling at the moment by helping them express how they feeling. For example: I am mad because…, I am upset because…, I am crying because…, I am etc.…  Explain the situation to your toddler the best that you can.
  • Don’t give in to your toddler just because your toddler is throwing the tantrum. Yes, it can become easily frustrating but by you giving in, it’s showing that you are not handling the situation in a proper manner which causes the child to throw the tantrum again because you gave into such negative behavior.
  • You can also try to use the time-out method during the tantrum. I used to use my bottom step as a time-out when my toddler acted up. Since he became so used to it, I had to start doing time-out in his bedroom. I typically explain to him the reason he is in time-out and has to sit in his bed until I say so. I walk out and close the door behind me. This causes him to to calm down more quickly and not wanting to be by himself.
  • If your toddler is trying to get your attention during the tantrum, explain to them that they first need to calm down and you will attend to them when they are not as upset.
  • Another important technique I used that helped out well was breathing exercises. I taught my toddler how to take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. I would practice the breathing exercises right along with him. I noticed this worked well with my toddler in his younger toddler years.

After a tantrum, no matter what, always explain to the toddler in a calm, loving voice that the behavior was not necessary and was not good behavior. Reassure your toddler that you still love them and give some loving by hugs and kisses.

Like I stated above, every child is different so not all of these techniques will work. However, you being the parent, you determine what is best for your child in any given situation. These techniques I listed are ones I used on my toddler that worked out through different stages of his toddler tantrum years. Some work at times and other times they do not. Best of luck with parenting during tantrums!


Photo taken by Dianne Furphy in Port Saint Lucie, FL.


~Believe in yourself and you can create what you want.