We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve


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Letting go of the past of who I once was (and no longer playing the victim role) has drastically changed me, changed my perspective yet I am still me. I now just choose to no longer accept other people’s beliefs … Continue reading

Accept Yourself for Who You Are Today…

Accept yourself for who you are TODAY, not yesterday. We all do things that we may feel ashamed of but know to learn from those experiences. The past does not serve who you are today because who you are today is who you want yourself to be. You have a choice right here and right now to decide who you are and what life you want to create for yourself. Stay focused on the here and NOW, in this moment right here. By thinking about the past, you are missing out on the experience that is right in front of you at this given moment. Know you are wonderful, beautiful and awesome and keep that with you at all times. Let go of the past, because by letting go, you are being able to live freely. Life is a learning experience, accept all of yourself wholeheartedly and love yourself for ALL that you are. We all deserve to love and to be loved but this has to start within your self first. Gain the strength to say goodbye and to forgive yourself and others for any ‘bad thoughts’ that may cross your mind from the past… Do your best to embrace your present with warm welcomes and focus on the here and now. Remember to live, learn and laugh. By doing this, you are able to create the life you have always wanted. Have a beautiful day with lots of love and laughter.

Love, Peace and Blessings,
Dianne Furphy

“Every breath is an opportunity to receive and let go.
I receive love and I let go of pain.”-Brenda MacIntyre

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