Sacred Light Within


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Though I cannot see what is ahead of me with each step I take and sometimes my world can seem cloudy and distorted, I have learned that I Am a part of this infinite Universe and I am well taking … Continue reading

Past-Present-Future of the Now


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I keep coming across old photos of myself from 2007 — so I ask myself what is the significance of this year. Then I thought back to how I was in a huge transition of ‘waking up’ and realizing I … Continue reading

Togetherness, Oneness is where I Be…

Togetherness, Oneness is where I Be.
A feeling and emotion of love for eternity,
I have finally set myself free…
With constant gratitude which is deep inside of me.

Thank you for this life I Am giving,
Thank you for this life I Am living…
Thank you for my two Brian’s,
They are part of the reason and growth I am rhyming.
For I AM Truth, no more lying.
I Am finally flying, no more buying into a world that is dying.
No more prying… learning from my experiences, the historic times and the ancient Mayans.

Waken up to my spiritual self…
I am well with my physical and mental health,
I have succeeded, I am my own wealth.

I pray to you my dear highest, I am no longer biased towards you…
For you helped me pull through,
Please show me clearly what I am exactly here to do,
For the greater goodness of myself and humanity too.

Be patient and take things slow, this I already practice and know.
So I row and tow along…
I paint, write, capture moments and do what I love to reassure me that I do belong.

I know my time will come when I Am ready, for now I will steadily believe and continue to release the deadly beliefs…
What a huge relief, as I up-heave and leave my old grief, I Am no longer naive.

…Because deep down within I feel my soul, I know this is my call that makes me stand over ten feet tall, no more falls. I shall leap over all of my challenged walls that tries to hold me down. I shall no longer frown, with each step, my feet shall kiss the ground.
As my heart pounds for Mother Earth’s natural sounds. My soul mounds to my crown and into the heavens above, I shall continue to share and spread all of my love.
-Written by Dianne Furphy, 2012.

All Rights Reserved. Photo taken by Dianne Furphy, 2012.

All Rights Reserved. Photo taken by Dianne Furphy, 2012.

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want. 

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