Smile! Seriously… SMILE!!!

Smile! Seriously… SMILE!!! No matter what kind of mood you are in, whether you mean the smile or not, a smile will eventually make you feel good by holding it there. Go on and give it a try… the best it will do is make you smile… and feel good.

Happy Smiling! 🙂

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Inside This Little World…

“Humans had built a world inside the world, which reflected it in pretty much the same way as a drop of water reflected the landscape. And yet … and yet …

Inside this little world they had taken pains to put all the things you might think they would want to escape from — hatred, fear, tyranny, and so forth. Death was intrigued. They thought they wanted to be taken out of themselves, and every art humans dreamt up took them further in. He was fascinated.” -Terry Pratchett

Photography by Dianne Furphy.

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