FlowerHand: Arts and Crafts.


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Aside to the left is a photo of the “FlowerHand” arts and crafts I created with my three-year-young toddler. In this post I will provide for you six easy, guided steps on how to make this cute, little fun arts … Continue reading

Can you see it?


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The photos listed below of the Moon were taken on Wednesday July, 25, 2012 during the mid afternoon, sometime around 3:30pm from Philadelphia. I went outside to play with my child and could not resist to run back in and grab … Continue reading

What a Perfect Way To say Goodnight…


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What a lovely way to say goodnight to a beautiful, long, special weekend with my family, Brian, Daddy and of course, me…mommy. o Swings. o Slides. o Running. o Having fun. o Green Grassy Fields. o Waterfront dinner on a … Continue reading