Happy New Year 2014


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…A Very Happy Abundant New Year Everyone!!!… Here is to the year 2013, a year added up of all of my previous years that made me Who I Am today. I see how each experience allows me to be a … Continue reading

Birthday Cake for Grandma Joan


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I tell my 5 year youngin’ that today is my mom’s birthday. He asked if we can bring her a cake and sing happy birthday to her. I told him she passed away and does not have a physical body. … Continue reading

Happy 5th Birthday Son.


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The past 5 years has been one of the best adventures of my whole life- and I only see it continuing to get more & more exciting! You bring so much love, joy, laughter, silliness, fun, play & sunshine into … Continue reading

Father & Son Number 27


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As you can see by the photos my Brian played his first foot hockey game today. Being that it was new to him, he had mixed emotions during the game. He played here and there but I can tell he … Continue reading

Peace Sign for Brianna.


“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” -Aurthor Unknown

“Peace Sign for Brianna.” Acrylic Painting on 8’ X 10’ Canvas by Dianne Furphy. I was inspired by a special little girl—my niece, Nana. <3 She loved her birthday present!

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Tips on How to Cope with Death


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Have you ever wanted to physically see someone so badly just so you can get those loving, warming, comforting, and nurturing feelings back that you once felt in your lifetime? Knowing that will be impossible for me since my mother … Continue reading