14 Tips to a Happy, Successful Relationship


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Being in a relationship for the past 14 years; I have learned a lot about myself and one of the things I have learned is how happy I am with my significant other due to the dedication, commitment and effort we … Continue reading

Focus, Focus, Focus!!!

Focus, Focus, Focus!! Today is a brand new day with new choices to make. Therefore, create goals for yourself and focus on the here and now of doing what you need to do to complete them goals. Set the type of goals that have a passion burning inside of you. By setting these goals for yourself you are giving yourself reasons to wake up everyday and appreciate and love the life you are living. Be Who You Want To Be and Create The Life You Want. After all, we have this chance in a lifetime, why not do so?! Best wishes in all of your endeavors. Much love & have a Beautiful day.

Love, Light and Peace,
Dianne Furphy

“Goals give you the specific direction to take to make your dreams come true.”
-Bob Conklin

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