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“Forgive” keeps popping up in my life a lot lately. When I think about the word “forgive,” through my personal life experiences, I have learned that what others may or may not do ‘to me’ is not because of me– … Continue reading

My Clarity


You turned my world around… You taught me how to pick myself up – off the ground by your uplifting words and beautiful sounds ~ that echoed through my soul… bringing forward my whole of illuminating light… MY! You really … Continue reading

Choose To Just BE


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Today and everyday I have choices to choose who I want to BE in each moment. I have a choice on how I treat myself and others by my attitude, I have choices on my feelings, my emotions and my … Continue reading

Love Is Who We Are


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Oneness of Love Everything just “IS” — you, me, the planet, the Universe… We are all one with what IS due to everything being connected as that connected oneness multiplies to make us, us. We are love and light beings and … Continue reading

Forgive But Do Not Forget–Resolve Your Inner Conflict


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All of our life experiences make us who we are today. We store a lot of those feelings and emotions inside of us from previous experiences if we do not cope effectively. And by not letting go, we tend to … Continue reading

Grateful For This Experience.

Photography by Dianne Furphy. Embrace all of life experiences. Welcome all that has to come into your life: the good, the bad, the ugly, the grief, the happiness, the joy, the love. Whatever it may be, know it is OK to keep going; everything always works itself out. Have belief in just that and watch how your life unfolds. Sometimes we even have to stop to face our own inner demons we have inside of us in order to make it out of the complete darkness. Once we accept all of us, our past, our memories, who we are today, we can begin to transform and create the real us. Explore yourself, internally and externally, know you are beautiful for all you have been through and for the person you are today. We are each very special gifts placed on this earth, let’s express our gratitude for being alive this very instance.

Today and always, I am grateful to be able to experience this life I am living. I am grateful to take on whatever it may be and all I have been through. I accept, release and let go all of my pain I have kept bottled inside of me, and I fill myself up with love, light and laughter. I allow experiences into my life to strengthen me as a person and I am open to experience all I do for my growth and development. I am grateful to have the choice to be able to choose what I feel is right for me in any given moment. Thank you beautiful life; for I am most grateful for being alive.

“Your body is free but your heart is in prison. To release your heart, you simply reverse the process which locked it up. First you begin to listen for messages from your heart—messages you may have been ignoring since childhood. Next you must take the daring, risky step of expressing your heart in the outside world. . . . As you learn to live by heart, every choice you make will become another way of telling your story. . . . It is the way you were meant to exist. If you stop to listen, you’ll realize that your heart has been telling you so all along.” -Martha Beck

Love, Peace and Blessings,
Dianne Furphy


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Overcoming those Barriers.

Life continuously has its up and downs and built up walls that we need to face and once we make it over those walls, everything starts smoothing out. Other times we can feel trapped, as if life is falling down and crashing on us, just when things started looking better, fences block our road we are trying to go down which indicate we may have to take a detour. This detour is needed to push us to our capacity. Sometimes we do not know what we are capable of, the strength we have until we experience such obstacles and challenges. But why must this be life? Because these difficulties are for us to learn from, to learn what we do want and to learn what we do not want in our lives. You have to experience the hard, rough times in order to have the good, happy times. As Carl Jung puts it, “The word happiness would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” The hard times, even the good times make us who we are. Such times helps build our character, especially the way we behave and our actions as we go through our experiences. If our reaction is not too pleasant, we will be placed in a similar encounter (over and over again) until we learn what it is we need to change within ourselves to better ourselves. By keeping the light shining inside of us during such times, we are able to accomplish anything and we are able to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are put on our path and that are really inside of us. None of us are alone in such life experiences because we all have to face the demons and we are lucky enough to have those good times too. But with both, bad and good, we need to remember to be grateful for every given experience because it is an opportunity for each of us to learn, grow and develop. Do not ever give up and keep moving forward. By moving forward you are proving to yourself that YOU CAN DO IT which gives you more hope to resolve whatever it is that is inside of you.

We also have to keep in mind that we are all here for a reason and we are all very special in our own very ways. We each have talents, skills, even our appearances are different but that does not mean we are separate from one another… because within each and every single one of has a light that shines oh so brightly. We BE-ings need to find our full potential and share it…and always keep that light with us. Today and always, let’s be grateful for all of life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful…. Live, learn, experience, explore, enjoy! Know that the light is something we all share together regardless the hard times; the light is ALWAYS there for each and every one of us. Find it and know everything is going to be alright…because everything ALWAYS works itself out!

Love, Light and Blessings you beautiful Beings,
Dianne Furphy

“Many of us are frightened to look within ourselves, and fear has us put up walls so thick we no longer remember who we really are.” -Debbie Ford

“We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We appreciate light because we have been in darkness. By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness.” -David Weatherford.

Photography by Dianne Furphy, 2012.



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How I came across The Wills Wellness System.

“Understanding that everything exists in this one moment will give hope and light to your life. You no longer need to be troubled by the past, and can know that the future can be anything that you will it to be. You, as you are, in this very moment hold the key to everything.” –Masaru Emoto

Awhile back, I started gaining interest and practicing with yoga, mediation, reiki, even a little tai chi and other natural alternatives to live a healthier lifestyle. During this little journey of mine, no matter where I go, things I think about randomly appear. Literally, I think about something—anything—and it appears to me in its form, right in front of my eyes… somehow, someway. Think about it like this, what I think about are things I like and my interests. My interests consist of things like finding out more about me; Who I Am, what I am here on this earth for, how to make  myself and others happy and help them in such ways, and to just really know the truth about this world and universe and to really explore my spiritual side. Listen to this little—coincidence—as most people would call it. So, I went on a vacation with my partner and two other awesome couples to Mexico [Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas, Cancan] a couple months back and one of my friends who was staying in the same hotel  came up to me with a brochure and told me as soon as she seen it, she knew I would love to know more (and she was so right)! This pamphlet indicated that I could meet up with a person in the means of “Master of Relaxation.” As soon as I seen it, I did not intend for such an experience to occur right than and there but I was surely grateful for it. This surely was a super cool surprise for me. So, I then …of course, go and find this guy named Charles Wills who I have seen from the pamphlet.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evaluation of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.” –Eckhart Tolle

Cancun, Mexico.When I first met Charles, we didn’t talk for long but he definitely had a feel good vibe about him. He seemed intelligent and leaving me wanting to know more. He invited me to one of his seminars he was holding at the resort which I could not resist not to go. He again welcomed my partner and me as we approached the seminar. I sat down to listen to his speech and was enthused by what he had to say. He hit all his words on the right button for me. He provided a lot of useful information in regards of being aware, consciousness and advice on how to learn a technique to benefit ourselves and our health. At the end of the seminar, I set up a personal session with Charles. So he came to the hotel room I was staying in; sat up a spot at the table that was in our room and sat my partner and I down and hooked me up to what he called a CIA device. I thought it was pretty cool to see my breathing pattern, my heart rate, even knew when I shifted my thoughts. The best of the whole hour and a half session was the moment I was in a different state-of-being and felt absolutely amazing. The best feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I still practice the technique at home and I do notice an improvement in me—in many aspects of my life.  Charles definitely played a positive influence in my life; therefore, I say thank you to Charles Wills for taking the time out to have sat with me and taught me a life-changing, healthier way of being. I have now became more patient in many situations in my life, less stress, I have learned how to be more open and to say, “yes” to more events that have crossed my path. Most importantly, I am all-around healthier and am learning everything is a process. *Keep in mind, I believe this is a mixture of all of my experiences tallied together thus far. All takes time. I am learning to live in the now. In the present. I am where I should be, little at a time. I am. By knowing this, it makes life that much more smoother, fun and just all around awesome for me. I am most grateful, thank you!

It’s all about the decisions we choose to make. Here is another post I wrote based on decision, decision-making and change. I hope you enjoy!

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want. –Dianne


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