Be the Good and Be the Difference.


The world would be that much more brighter when we focus on the good of each person we encounter because there is good in each situation…. sometimes we just have to look a little harder at first and when we … Continue reading

Infinite Abundance Synchronicity


My recent synchronicity: For the past month or so, I have been saying positive affirmations to myself about abundance.. And just last week I did a mediation where I sat quietly, sitting straight with my back against the chair, focusing … Continue reading

To Love and To Be Loved Poem


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The Oneness of you and me, Together we are free, Because the visions I see… Of Unity, Are images flashing and flowing through me, Within seconds I transform to BE, Decree dreams and memories… Of yesterday, today, tomorrow… All in … Continue reading

I Believe In Myself Prayer…


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I understand and I am well aware I am responsible for all of me–all of my life: my choices, my attitude, my thoughts, my behavior, my actions, my feelings and emotions. My life is lived out by all of my … Continue reading