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It’s the first thing in the morning, do you wake up and just go… OR …do you take time to set your intentions and prayers for the day? Maybe you wake up already feeling in a bad mood instantly… OR … Continue reading

Jump on It.

Today is a new day which brings in new feelings, new thoughts, new emotions, new behaviors …there is just a whole new way about you. Live it to the fullest. Whatever may overcome you, excite you; jump on it. That is your inner guidance telling you “this should be done.” Instead of expectations, use intentions. Set intentions for yourself that has a burning passion inside of you.  Stand up and make action to what it is that you love to do. Make the time, (there is ALWAYS time) for something you love doing. We can play our life any way we want, we have a choice to make every day—you can wake up and make the best out of your day (and life) or you can make the choice to be miserable.  I read this quote the other day:

“’I am out of shape, I’m fat, I’m slow, stupid, I’m out of it, lame, tired, sick, unattractive, imperfect, or not good enough.’ We abuse ourselves while expecting to be in alignment with achieving our greatest dreams.” -From

I found it to be so true. We have control over our lives, we REALLY DO! That is what is so magical and why miracles happen every day. We wake up, we are given a gift to be alive; therefore, take a chance with it to be grateful that you are given this very day, this very moment, to do and make whatever it is that you wish with it…make it special…make it you! Let’s make the choice to do what our hearts tells us to do, to look within and believe our Truth will follow right behind. Make today a new, fresh start…start NOW to make the choice to live the life you really want.

Love, Light & Blessings,

“We were all born with wings.
In times of doubt: spread them.”
-Kevin Meyers

“When you don’t recognize your full potential you don’t allow the universe to give you your divine gifts. Your soul yearns to realize its full potential. Only YOU can allow this to happen.” -Debbie Ford

Photography by Dianne Furphy, June 2012 @ New Jersey.

Jump On It.



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