14 Tips to a Happy, Successful Relationship


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Being in a relationship for the past 14 years; I have learned a lot about myself and one of the things I have learned is how happy I am with my significant other due to the dedication, commitment and effort we … Continue reading

This Very Moment: Positive Affirmation

All I have is this very moment and I choose to BE in it, live my life to the utmost fullest and serve myself and others the very best I can. I am filled with gratitude to live out each experience and to see the beauty with all that crosses my path. Thank you.

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Thank You and Good Morning.

Thank you for allowing me to wake up on this peaceful morning. I also thank you for this new day, with a healthy attitude and new goals to complete. Please help me to remain focused on the things that actually do matter with a positive, clean and clear heart and mind. Please continue to also help me make decisions that serve me for my best good and to also keep me set in my highest self to serve others for their best good. Thank you my dear creator to allow me this new day to experience all the beauty of this magical creation you have provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you…for I am most grateful.

With Love,

All Rights Reserved. Photo copyright Dianne Furphy, 2012.

All Rights Reserved. Photo copyright to Dianne Furphy, 2012.


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We Deserve Each Other.

When will all be ok? Currently, our relationships are crud, like crabs at the bottom of the bay. When are we going to be able to share more laughs and get together by the day…. please tell me why it has to be this way. Too many months of May are passing us by; let’s not wait until we are angels and fly, to have time together, not until our lasts breathe and after we die.

Like our mother, our mother who used to live at the bar, who wasn’t too far, too far from cleaning herself up, to change her life for her four worthy pups. Mother did good, did all she could, helped me understood when I should—Would you please let go and not withstood, all the love I have to share, because I do truly care.

It is a vicious never ending cycle—fighting and arguing—with who is right and who is wrong– in truth, we all belong; let’s start by being strong for one another and practicing work of good old disciple Michael.

This is where we stand, although I want to take your hand, and hold it close to my heart, because I do not want us forever apart. Maybe this could be a start, a start not to depart, and actually to restart a relationship with much love and creative art.

Oh mother how I miss you every single day; please show us the way… since you have physically left us, I am grateful I still feel your presence, my what a comforting essence.

The fifteen years you have not been here, caused so much fear with my sisters and I. It once caused me to say goodbye to hopes and dreams—and to smoother my emotions in beer. My dear mother, I shall recover, I have already shifted gears, and it took me many, many years and many, many tears— to build myself and undo my cover and learn from my peers. My three sisters I want you to adhere, with me, to share love with no interferes. Let’s begin to make a new premier and show ourselves we can do this with such excited sneers. For you three will always be my special frontiers.

This chaos can no longer lasts, let’s forget our past, start anew, a relationship who has significant vast. No more being harassed by one another, instead let’s contrast, into a new world of a cast. No more putting each other on blast, let’s go back to a heartwarming mass—of sisters who put the gast in the past.

We love each other; I know we all do, let’s squash this spew, and let’s all get through this together, this is something I know you want deep down too. Having a healthy relationship is all very long overdue, so let’s manage to scrap through the glue, and let’s start anew. No more withdrew of all these silly taboos. No more reviews of this and that, lets top off together with a sweet fondue and see each other’s true-view. After all, we do make an awesome crew.

Each of you are wholeheartedly loved so much by me. Please understand and see, I deeply want the best for you three. I love you.

-Dianne Furphy

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