Glow In The Dark Lanterns: Arts and Crafts Project


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All year I volunteered in my son’s kindergarten class and being the school year came to an end, I wanted to say thank you to them for all they have taught me throughout the year and I looked around my … Continue reading

Stay Inspired. Be Inspired. Inspire Others.


Ever hear the saying: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans?” This saying just came into my head as I thought about my experience just now: I was setting up to paint, put my canvas … Continue reading

“Mystical Snowy Owls” Acrylic Painting on 16 X 20 Canvas


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Title: “Mystical Snowy Owls” Medium: Acrylic Painting on 16 X 20 Canvas Artist: Dianne Furphy, 2013 Painting FOR SALE: $190 US Related articles Peace & Ease: Positive Affirmation I Am The Co-Creator: Positive Affirmation Change & Rediscovering Ourselves There Is … Continue reading

I Am Just Like You.


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I am me….just like you are you. I am made up of feelings and emotions… just like you. I feel the feelings of being happy, excited, sad, pain, suffering, joy, peace, anger, scared, confused, silly… I even experience the grieving … Continue reading

Once Upon a Silly LiL’ Boy…

The best feeling in the world comes from my son. It amazes me how I can have times where I feel sad or bad and I take one look at him and he instantly fills my body up with the greatest love I have ever known. Kids sure are the best gift, yes?

I am ooh so happy and so in love with my boy…

With Tremendous Love & Gratitude,
(Dianne Furphy)

Photography by Dianne Furphy, 2012.

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Flower of Hope.


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Have hope. Believe in the hope of YOU. Believe in the hope of your dreams. Have hope in yourself because it all starts there. To be better, to choose the right choices, to do the right thing; yet to have … Continue reading