Super Duper Delicious Cleansing Smoothies

Super Duper Delicious Pink Smoothie: One Serving: -Two Bananas -Two Strawberries -Two Raspberries -A few small pieces of pineapple (some of the core too) -A few slices of watermelon -A small portion of freshly cut up ginger root -A sprinkle of turmeric spice -A sprinkle of cayenne pepper spice -One cut of apple (without skin) -One cut up pear (without skin) -One Tablespoon of coconut oil -One Tablespoon of coconut oil -A sprinkle of grounded flax-seeds -A sprinkle of chia-seeds Put in blender and blend away!

Over the past several years I have been learning how important it is to consume REAL food in our bodies. When we intake a lot of processed and sugary foods, I learned from personal experience, they can drain me, cause me extremely low energy, cause physical and mental aliments and cause me to not feel my best. Over the past years, I have been making a choice to be aware and conscious of what I put into my body. Now remind you, I am one that LOVES sugar: cookies, cupcakes, brownies, carbs… you name it! But being I was consuming too much sugar, I noticed how it was taking a toll on my body and so I had to take a break and cleanse my body from all of the sugar I have been eating. I figure I would try something new: eat more natural sugar and incorporate a lot more fruits into my diet and that is exactly what I did. For over two months I made myself smoothies for breakfast, sometimes lunch and dinner and just for a snack in-between meals! During these two-plus months, I also consumed about 90% of raw vegetables and nuts. (No dairy or meat). I have been meat-free and a vegetarian for maybe 7 years now, I think (I lost count)! I am just excited to see how REAL foods have helped gain me more strength, energy, good-health and clarity that I wanted to share some special smoothie recipes that I have come up with. I feel they are great cleanses and flushed my system out well. All much needed too!! Each day I have seen and felt progression in my health. One thing I keep in mind is that all is a process, especially healing. I was hoping to share more recipes too for you all to enjoy!! Have fun on your smoothie journey of healing!!

Super Duper Power Smoothie:
One Serving:
-Two bananas
-Two strawberries
-A little chopped up ginger root
-One teaspoon of papaya seeds
-One apple (without skin)
-One pear (without skin)
-A sprinkle of chia-seeds
-A sprinkle of grounded up flax-seeds
-A sprinkle of cayenne pepper spice
-Freshly squeezed orange (half of an orange)
-A tablespoon of coconut oil
-A few slices of pineapple (and the core)
-A few spinach leaves Put in blender and blend away!

Side note: I am sharing from my personal experience and am not a doctor of any kind.

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