Simplicity of Life

Love. Be true to you. Listen. Create. Laugh. Smile. Dance. Be artsy. Have fun. Be spontaneous. Be grateful. Play. Sing (with all of your might). Make mistakes (and learn from them). Wish. Believe. Explore life and what you are drawn to. Be in each moment. Breathe deeply: inhale love, exhale love. Be adventurous and enJOY what life has to offer. Travel. Meet and greet new people. Share your heart, talent and gifts with the world. Stay focused. Be conscious and aware. Drop all forms of judgement. Be at peace with yourself. Forgive. Do kind deeds (without any expectations). Trust and have faith everything is all good (because it always IS). Give more. LIVE simple and fully alive…

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want

5 thoughts on “Simplicity of Life

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