Silence The Mind

My favorite thing to do at night-time before I go to sleep and rest is to reflect upon my day for all of the things I am grateful for and to meditate, silence my mind and to go within because it is within that I learn who I Am. The silence-ness of my mind leads me to the understanding of my Truth and I am filled with gratitude to be on this path especially with the help of my Higher Source that provides me the guidance I need in each moment to lead my way through this journey I call life. I trust in myself and I am most grateful to BE the unconditional love that I AM. Thank you!

Have a blessed, peaceful night Create What You Want

'Silence the Mind' Photography by Dianne Furphy

I silence the mind and just BE–
The peacefulness that helps me see–
The powers I hold within that set me free.
-Dianne Furphy

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