The Signs From My Everyday Life Experiences.

This morning my very oldest, dearest friend who I have known since the beginning of our lives (our oldest sisters were really good friends) and so we became best, life-long friends (34 years and still growing strong – love you my Katie Girl). We text every-so-often and this morning I received a different text than typical, a text that was so powerful, meaningful and so timely for me in my life at the moment, it was very much needed as we always know the right things to say and do for one another at the right time ~ like Kate put it, “we are just always in sync with each other.”

Kate’s text had said that my mother (who passed away over 17 years ago) came to her in her dream last night. (Today is April 13th, I was born on December 13th). Kate said my mother looked so beautiful in her dream and that it was so vivid. It was so nice to hear that because only one other person has told me they had a dream of my mother too, this was many years ago. The word vivid stands out because they both used that word to describe how real the dream was to them and how clear my mother came through to them.

So later on today, my son (hes 7) and I meant to stop at the library to drop off and pick us up a new chapter book for our night time read. Since we forgot and it was my turn to read him a bedtime story, I asked Brian if he could go into his room and pick out a book and that I would meet him in there soon after. So I walk in, lay down next to him, read the title of the book as I was about to read who it was written by but I held back and did my best to hold in my cry and remained silent for a few good seconds so I could try and get on with the story for him but my emotions took over and I just started to ball my eyes crying. Here is the book I read to him:

Robert The Rose Horse

I had to let loose after I seen the name Joan ~ this is my mother’s name. And so after I cried… my son asked me if it was a happy or sad cry and I said it was a happy cry because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the “signs” and indications my mother leaves for me to see and hear. I told him this story and to see how he lit up and the smile and warmth he had radiating from him – WOW!!! <3 An everlasting moment for me. P.S. I cry a lot, I am an emotional being; like I told another old friend of mine just the other night, I am so sappy I cry over sunsets! 😉

And so when I began to start reading the story to him again, I noticed on the cover there are hearts in the roses. (If you zoom up on the rose on the cover of the book which is listed above and on the inside on page 55 you will find the hearts). Life is truly amazing and I love little playful life experiences like this that I go through ~ are so reassuring and Divinely to me. It truly is amazing what we are all made up and apart of in this infinite and grand Universe! <3 Love connects us all.

Heart Rose RTRH

Robert the Rose Horse page 55 ~ heart in the rose! I love seeing hearts everywhere I go! <3

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