People & Connections of Love.

We can all relate to one another by having people come-and-go, in-and-out of our lives all throughout our lifetime …some for a reason, season or lifetime, yes? Just think of how many people you come across on a daily basis. I believe each person has a special purpose for being in one’s life. Whether one of the person is learning and/or teaching; regardless of the ‘role we play’ to one another, we all benefit from one another. Be aware, be alert, be awake in each experience– observe what is right in front of you. Together, let’s treat each human being with respect, love, kindness and compassion. We all deserve the goodness that comes from each of us within. Therefore, it all starts with yourself. Treat YOU with love first, then love will flow naturally by sharing and passing through you onto everything and everyone that comes into your path.

People and Connections of Love Photography by Dianne Furphy
BE the love you really are!

I respect myself; therefore, I respect you. I am kind to myself; therefore, I am kind to you. I love myself; therefore, I love you…

I shall continue to do onto others as I have done to myself to better not only myself, but the whole human race. We work as one because we are ONE.

Love and Peace,
Dianne Furphy

“Without self-respect, there can be no self-love. Without self-love, there can be no love or respect for others.” -Unknown quotes

“Don’t speak ill of the people leaving your life just open the door and thank them for the good times.” -Unknown quotes

“Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.” -Les Brown


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16 thoughts on “People & Connections of Love.

  1. Amen!!! It all begins with loving yourself and then everything else will naturally fall into place! If you could please tell my mother this… I’m a psychic and she’s forever asking when her soul mate is going to show up. I keep telling her she needs to focus on HERSELF and he will instantly appear. He isn’t coming yet because she still has more work to do on her SELF! Glad to see a fellow sister who “gets” it. ?

  2. Julie,

    Thank you for your reply and sharing your story. All we can do is keep on encouraging people to work within… and all else will follow. I too am happy to see more and more of us beings ‘waking’ up to this self-realization. I learned the more we practice working on ourselves, the more understanding and clarity we shall have on whatever it is we desire to know and be. Best wishes to you (and your mother).

    May love, peace and light follow you everywhere you go,

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