Past-Present-Future of the Now

I keep coming across old photos of myself from 2007 — so I ask myself what is the significance of this year. Then I thought back to how I was in a huge transition of ‘waking up’ and realizing I was responsible for my own life and that I was no longer a victim of my past. This is when I started making choices that benefited me and my life and that were good for my soul and my growth. I started saying “NO” to the things I once (thought I) enjoyed at the time which kept me in a vicious cycle of drama and chaos; and I started saying “YES” to the unknown and exploring outside of my element of what I was used to. This is when I really started living–living the life that makes me happy by living from my heart and making conscious decisions with what I really want to do with my Self.

When I look back into my life previously before the year of 2007, I see so much darkness yet from 2007 and on, I see how that darkness transpires into such a luminescence, beautiful white light that shines ever-so-brightly… and I believe with all my choices throughout my whole life span–the good, the bad, the ugly, the wrong, the right–they all made me who I Am today and they simply help me decide and choose who it is that I DO and do not want to be–and for this life I have now, I am truly blessed and filled with the utmost gratitude to BE where and who I am today!

I also want to say–to everyone who has played a part in my life and continues to do so (and I mean every single person)– I am very grateful for you all because without you, I would not have the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and evolve as much as I am so thank you for being you and playing the ‘role’ in my life that is meant to be exactly as it should…

Therefore, it is all about being the best I can possibly BE & doing what feels ‘good’ and ‘right’ to me….Goodbye Old, Hello New; I embrace YOU!


Dear Dianne in the Past of NOW,

Keep doing what you are doing… and remember to: Look within because everything you need to know is within YOU.

With Love,
Your Dianne in the Future of the NOW

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.

Photo taken of me in 2007

Photo taken of me in 2007

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