My Sweet Gentleman-boy!

I wanted to share a sweet story with you all from an experience I had earlier with my son… I know when I read stories like this, they seem to uplift me and so I hope it does the same for you:

My son (he’s 7) and I were walking outside and I said to myself, “It’s cold, I knew I should have brought my winter jacket.” …As he immediately takes off his jacket and says, “Here mommy, take my coat, I’ll be fine.” I, of course, as a mother got teary-eyed and told him how kind, generous and gentleman-like it is that he offered his coat and that I could not take it because him being warm is more important than anything to me… but this just completely took me by surprise and made me even more proud of how thoughtful and caring my boy is towards me ~ Because he really is always watching out for me and it does make me feel so very special. I am so truly blessed & grateful to be his mommy!

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