My Mother In My Heart of Dreams.

Last night I had one of the best dreams I had in 16 years. If you know me, you know my mother passed away in 97′. Last night before I fell asleep, I meditated for a little, read some of my “Conscious Evolution” book and I did my typical praying and reflecting. I cannot recall all of my dream but I sure do remember the best part of it. I went into my old house I grew up in and seen my mother looking as healthy and as beautiful as ever and I received the best, tightest, loving hug from her. This here means more to me than ever being that the love I hold for her deep in my heart is so strong that I am seeing more and more of how she has ALWAYS been with me and how I keep her spirit alive.

When we loose the people we love–we can feel empty, sad and all alone. But what I have learned is to keep belief that just because they physically leave you–does not mean they are not there anymore. Look within the deepest of your heart, in the love that you hold for that person and signs will start appearing everywhere. At least this is what happens to me. My mother shows she is with me though my daily life experiences and MY! it IS reassuring. I like to talk to my mother, ask her questions and watch my synchronicity’s of the answers she replies with through music, a convo, a book I am reading,–whatever it may be– because I do receive such feedback and I KNOW it is her. I have learned to be open, aware and observant in each moment to the magical ways of how this grand Universe works so I can learn more of Who I Am.

Now all I can do is BE even more grateful for my life and EVERYTHING in it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Life IS great–if you choose to make it so!

With Love,
Dianne Furphy

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