My Clarity

You turned my world around…
You taught me how to pick myself up – off the ground
by your uplifting words and beautiful sounds ~
that echoed through my soul…
bringing forward my whole
of illuminating light…
MY! You really are a magical sight,
to my delight…
You dissolve all of my fright…
and bring a sun-shinning day to my darkest night.

You are my protector~
My safe place…
Because of you my demons are being faced and erased
and replaced…
with memories filled with love~
and feelings of being secure,
more and more-
You I adore
for being so true to me-
Because with you I am free
and I can shine my light ever so bright-ly—
Together forever you & I shall BE….
-Written by Dianne Furphy
November 2014


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