Loving You For Eternity

My love & I...going on 14 years and growing and learning together. <3

My love & I…going on 14 years of growing and learning together. <3

Today is not a holiday of any sort, nor is it an anniversary… it is just another special day that I get to choose to fill myself up with the abundance of gratitude to soak in. And I have learned by being grateful, more blessings and even better outcomes are to come my way. Therefore, here is to you my love:

I am absolutely truly blessed and so appreciative and happy to be with one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, funny, smart and intelligent, good-looking –and one of the most hardest working person I have EVER known. He inspires me to be a better person every day by his loyalty, dedication and commitment. Not only he is an amazing, fun person to spend each day with, but he is the bestest friend I could ever possibly have… not to mention, the most beautiful, caring, loving, involved father he is to our son. We as a family are an exceptional love of teamwork, support and guidance for one another which I deeply cherish.

Brian, I love you all of the infinite universes in the infinite universes forever and ever. It is nice to have you meet me half way as we walk our journeys of life together. Thank you for always accepting and loving me wholeheartedly for Who I Am; for I will always love you unconditionally and accept you for all that you are.

Loving you for eternity,

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