Life Always Work Itself Out–Just Believe.

I love how this week has been filled with lots of obstacles for me to face and now that things are settling down for me today, I am seeing the bigger picture of it all… I love how the Universe works by placing bigger and better things my way since I believe I handled all of my challenges in a positive manner.

I have learned that trusting in God and the Universe, that life unfolds itself exactly as it should– I rest assure, believe and KNOW that everything happens for a very special reason and that is to strengthen my soul and myself as a human BEing. I truly am grateful for this life I live and all of the people involved in it.

Love Yourself, Believe in Yourself, treat yourself kind and laugh as much as possible and sit back and enjoy the crazy, emotional rides that we are given… Living in the moment is truly a present!

May love and peace be with all of you forevermore,
Dianne Furphy


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