Kids Mimic Everyone & Everything!

Kids mimic everyone and everything; they just do as they see especially by watching their parents… and I have to express how truly blessed and grateful I am for my son’s father, for being everything that he is. The past couple of weeks, every time I have a bag in my hand, my son  (he’s 7) will take it from me to hold so I don’t have to carry it. Take for example today: as soon as I paid for our fruit at the store and the lady handed me the bag, he just kept talking and naturally grabbed the bag to hold it himself and put it in the car. This is the second time this week he did this. I just went with it… He’s also very good with taking off his jacket to give to me when I’m cold (and I’ve experienced this on several occasions during this past winter where if he sees if I am cold, he will take his coat off and put it on me). This all seems to come very natural to him (most likely from always seeing how his father is to me). …And all the other little things too that he does- it’s absolutely showing me that his father and I must be doing something right as parents, haha, how refreshing! ~ Ohhh how I super duper love the little gentleman boy he is growing into and becoming.

I am so in love with my boy and the mommy life!

Kids rule when parents rule!! 😉

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