Just Because This Is How I Feel

Just because this is how I feel:

'Just Because' Dianne Furphy CreateWhatYouWant.org
The love you and I share and create together is a love that will indefinitely last throughout every lifetime. Thank you for opening your heart and allowing yourself to be one with me and to explore the most beautiful journey I have ever known. We shall forever flow together in this grand Universe filled with the greatest of abundance. For you are the one I hold deep in the love of my heart that I will always cherish wholeheartedly. Our love is utmost powerful and can pull through any thing put in our path. I love you Brian Fitzhenry and I’ve never been so positive and internally grateful you are the one I hold dear for an eternity. –Dianne & Brian together forever– ***one love***

-Written by Dianne Furphy.
March 24, 2013


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