Jump Into The Unknown

The unknown can be scary… not knowing what’s going to happen next and yet we all experience the unknown every single day when we put ourselves out there and jump into new experiences. Doing things that we are scared of, to me, means that I need to do it – to overcome that fear!

It is like when we think of what will happen tomorrow at the really BIG event you are to attend, feeling a little nervous, thinking that you may fall or say the wrong thing or feel any such way; or even thinking what will exactly happen, this is creating illusions for ourselves because we are not at tomorrow yet, these are our made-up thoughts, not what is actually occurring in your current moment – I mean unless you create that for yourself (because what we focus on we shall manifest and create for ourselves, yes?). And so, to be in the current moment and enJOY it – we are to be fully present, consciously into it and aware.
To me, it is important to bring myself back to the present moment when I start catching myself creating illusions for myself. Instead, I will set intentions of what I would like to happen and release and let go if it..

Even though the unknown can be very frightening and leaving our comfort zone seems to be nearly impossible – its once we make them first few steps and take action, it becomes easier and starts to become a natural flow for us ~ it is all about the longer we keep diving into life and doing all the things we have ever wanted to do for ourselves. It is on US to live our lives the way we want. Nothing else is holding us back but ourselves. Excuses, reasons, blaming others why you cannot, these are your comfort zones and these can be broken… and it all starts with you. Do what you got to do for you, do something that makes feel nervous to do but you really want to do it… try it, even if it is for 2 minutes a day – do it!… This will open open your mind and heart to whole new worlds you would have never thought was there.. its a truly magical ride and this is all something I have been through, throughout my life. Like breaking my old habits and ones that I just knew were not good for me, and learning to love and accept myself because it all truly started from within me. Learning who I do and do not want to be and being my true, authentic self regardless of what anyone thinks of me. I learned how valuable of a being I am and how important and loved I am too by so many, not just myself.

I made the necessary changes in my life to better myself and I am still working on this each and every day (because I believe everything is a process, all life is). And I choose to climb out of my box (wait, what box? ;)) and open and expand my mind, grow and learn new perspectives by living out new experiences so I can follow my heart and be the best me that I can Be…

We can do this together!!! …I Believe in YOU!!!

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.

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