I Believe In Myself Prayer…

"I believe In Myself." Photography by Dianne Furphy CreateWhatYouWant.org

I understand and I am well aware I am responsible for all of me–all of my life: my choices, my attitude, my thoughts, my behavior, my actions, my feelings and emotions.
My life is lived out by all of my experiences; therefore, all I can do is live my life based from what I have learned and what I know.
I am confident in myself to continue moving forward in this journey we call life.
I believe in myself to create and explore my deep passions that come from my heart.
I believe in myself to love me wholeheartedly and fully so I can love others too.
I believe in myself to share the love I am–to be honest, loyal, compassionate and kind.
I believe in myself to better myself each and every day–to keep practicing helping and healing myself and others.
I believe in myself to stay focused on the good and laugh out any stress or tension I may encounter on a daily basis.
I believe in myself to overcome any fear that resides within me.
I believe in myself to tune-in and be open to the Universe and Divinity of the messages that are sent to me.
I believe in myself to be grateful for all that comes my way because I know everyone and everything that crosses my path is there for a very special purpose and that purpose is for me to learn from so I can continue to grow, develop and flourish.
I believe in myself to change, adapt and to live ‘me’ out as best as I can for eternity…
Because I am me, and this me is worthy and deserves all the love in this world.

Love & Peace Forevermore,
Dianne Furphy…


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