I Am Only Human

Some words that came flowing through me tonight:

I am only human-
I feel…
I have emotions…

I get sad, frustrated, scared, hurt, angry and mad,
I even say and do things that after the fact, I feel bad.
But what makes me glad…

Is that…

I am only human-

And we can all relate.
And by forgiving myself and learning from my mistakes-I am able to start with a clean slate…
To get me back to my natural state:
Of joy, happiness, peace, calmness, patience, kindness, love–a healthy heart rate.
…because this is something from within I have to continue to create…

During my dark times,
This is why I am writing this rhyme,
To show signs…

That I am only human-

That I feel…
That I have emotions…

So I express,
To not repress,
To pass the test,
And overcome this mess,
To feel blessed,
And finally put this darkness to rest.

For I am only human.

Written by Dianne Furphy
May 19, 2014

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