I Am Just Like You.

'I Am Me--Just like you are you.' Artist: Dianne Furphy CreateWhatYouWant.org

Title: ‘I Am Me–Just like you are you.’
Artist: Dianne Furphy
Medium: Acrylic Paints on 8 X 10 Canvas

I am me….just like you are you.
I am made up of feelings and emotions… just like you.
I feel the feelings of being happy, excited, sad, pain, suffering, joy, peace, anger, scared, confused, silly… I even experience the grieving stage… just like you. Because I have lost someone I love…just like you.
I have fought, punched, kicked, yelled, screamed, tortured, got revenge, and cursed… just like you.
I have also loved, kissed, hugged, laughed, played, and smiled…just like you.
I have had all types of relationships… just like you. And many people have come and gone all throughout my life…just like you.
I have beliefs… just like you.
I believe in family, friends, and togetherness… just like you.
I have made bad choices… just like you.
I have made wise choices… just like you.
I have been picked on and bullied… just like you.
I have struggled in life… just like you.
I dream… just like you.
I’ve had heartaches… just like you.
I have made mistakes… just like you.
I have grown, developed and I learn… just like you.
I have been stubborn… just like you.
I was once a young child… just like you.
And I choose to remain a child at heart… just like you.
I am curious, so I ask and explore… just like you.
I have matured… just like you.
I use my voice and words to speak, ears to listen, eyes to see, make face expressions, use body signals, –to communicate and understand… just like you.
All I have are my experiences and my journey… just like you.

I am a light being– a human being… just like you.

I am you, you are me—we are ONE… just like it should BE.

We are more alike than we all think. Most behaviors are learned and are not our natural state.

I believe to replace fear with love, war with peace, religion to “all religions come down to one thing: to be kind and to love and to be loved,” violence to love-making, judgments to only seeing beauty, separateness to oneness and discrimination to everything just IS what it IS.

I believe in love, for I am love. I believe in myself. I believe in you. I believe in the good of everyone. I believe everything will always work itself out. I believe in manners. I believe in hope. I believe we are all born with big hearts and special plans. I believe in the oneness of humanity–for we are a human collective consciousness of it all.

It IS our natural state to BE love.

For we are born from love and from the goodness of it all:

…the list of goodness continuously goes on…

BE the true you that you are. Just like I do my very best to be the true me that I am–
By living from my heart and making choices based from love–we are helping each other as a collective–to make this world we live in a better place we can happily call our home.

With Love,
Dianne Furphy
May 2013


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