Building Hopes & Dreams For Our Children Through Art

Building Hopes & Dreams For Our Children Through Art: My Recent Vision that BEcame Reality

My family and I were driving home from a trip to Baltimore… we drove through a very run-down, poor area–for over an hour ride straight. It made me sad seeing how many houses were boarded up, broken windows, no roofs on some houses with families and young children living in them and signs asking to please show love (literally, hand-made signs hanging up asking to have more respect for the area)… and it made me think… What can I do to give back to my community–to bring more Light into this world? …Being I have lived in Philly my whole life; I deeply care where I come from–and want best for the area I grew up in and all surrounding neighborhoods (and the whole world, but I have to start somewhere, right)? And so I ask: What can I do for our younger generations so they can build hopes and dreams for their futures? What can I do to make young children feel happy and to believe in themselves?

A couple days pass by and I haven’t really thought about it much more and so I was eating lunch by myself as I was staring out the window of my dining room watching the tree leaves blow in the wind and a ‘random,’ quick thought came flowing through me:

How about I gather local children to make arts and craft projects that come from their hearts and I go around to each store located on a busy street– (Frankford Ave — a busy road where about hundreds of people are passing by a day either from walking, driving or taking the bus) –and ask the store owners to display the art work of the children. At that moment, I thought to myself how if I were a young child, how excited I would be that a store wanted to hang my work up in their front window so everyone could see it!! And so that is exactly what I did — I made it happen! A few weeks back I walked down the ave and asked store owners which most of them said ‘YES’ and today, I started out small, working with what I DO have available– which was my front patio and 4 enthusiastic children who joined me on this adventure and not only did they have a blast creating their project (they kept saying how much fun they were having while creating); and when I asked them how they would feel about having their art work displayed in a front window of a store on a busy street — they were extremely thrilled and ecstatic!!! They were so excited to hear that SO many people would be viewing their work that they could not stop talking about it.

So right now I want to say a great big THANK YOU so much from the depths of my heart to all of you who donated art supplies to me for these children; I really could not have done it without you all, truly! I love how you are committed in believing in community and wanting to help and support our younger generation to believing there is something BIG within them. Every little piece of donation helped TREMENDOUSLY–as I am still accepting any kind of artsy donations to hopefully continue on with this project!

Another very special shout out to the stores who were very eager to show off the kids art work too–I am forever grateful for your approval and support!!!

Furthermore, I am still in the process of looking for more kids who are interested in doing this arts and crafts project (friendly reminder: it is FREE) — please do spread the word and contact me if interested and we shall get you signed-up with me, especially because there are stores who are waiting on such projects still. 🙂

I am also still in the process of asking more stores to simply display the kids art work in their front windows, so if you are an owner or know of one who may be interested, please feel free pass along this info or contact me. Either way, I will be by in person to ask you! 🙂

Believe in yourself and you can…
Create What You Want
Expressing your heart through art.
BE a part of the inspiration!

I am learning when we have a goal, a dream, a vision, an idea (no matter how big or how small)–and we take action on it–we CAN achieve it!!! I asked for help with this project and I received it (ask and you shall receive, yes?); therefore, it seems the Universe conspires to make things happen for us one way or another when we are committed. Our ambitions are possible… as long as we put in the work and dedication to make them happen!!!

P.S. If you are in Philly, make sure you stop by and show some love to Pat’s music to view Alex’s artwork who is 10 and Penn Hardware & Paint to view Nicholas and Jason’s artwork who is 6 and 8!!! (This here I am calling ‘Building Block Foundation One‘ which you can view pictures of the experience here).

Again, thank you for all of the love!!!<3

Dianne Furphy

Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.

You can also view more on this Foundation on the link posted below:


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