High Vibrations & Energy Story: Guided Tips on how to raise your energy and keep your vibrations high.

“There is a world within—a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and beauty, and although invisible, its forces are mighty.”Charles Haanel

All Rights Reserved. Photo copyright and taken by Dianne Furphy.

Photo copyright and taken by Dianne Furphy, 2012

I do believe that if you, “Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.” I also believe that, “Like attracts Like;” in other words, The Law of Attraction. I have always believed in this since I was a younger girl… that there has always been “something” very deep inside of me and my heart screaming to me that there is more to me than this physical body and this world we live in. I always wondered about thinking of “something in particular” and that “something in particular” taking place right after. For example: this is something most of us can relate to: we thought about a song we have not heard in a really long time and then that same song decides to come on the radio shortly after you have just thought about it. …Happen to you much? It sure does with me.

“You don’t have to worry about what their vibration is if your vibration is one of connection. Because if your vibration is one of connection — you’re going to dominate the vibration. This is the way you learn your relationships. The thing that most people do not understand, is that you get to control the way you feel, because you get to choose the thoughts you think. Most people think that they only have the option of responding to the circumstances that surround them. And that’s what makes them attempt the impossible, which is to control the circumstances around them, which only feeds their feeling of frustration and vulnerability, because it doesn’t take very much life experience to discover you can’t control all of those circumstances. But you can control your vibration. And when you control your vibration, you’ve controlled everything that has anything to do with you.” -Abraham Hicks

Since my past consists of a complete roller coaster and I had such a negative perspective; it seemed my whole life, my reality and world were just crashing down on me and I began starting to believe that it was the end of the world. Why me?…Was a question I began asking myself a lot not knowing and realizing it was really me creating such a life for myself. I was the one choosing to play the victim role which created not-so-good consequences for allowing myself to feel so down and have such negative thoughts.

However, now as an adult, I do my very best each day to overcome such negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior by focusing on keeping my high vibrations high and good energy flowing. During this journey of mine, I have learned I am still a work-in-progress; as I believe we all are and will always be. There is always room for improvement to be a better you, yes?

What I mean by high vibrations and good energy is believing that there is something bigger and better out there for all of us… maybe called a Divine Plan. Just because you cannot see evidence of something that may-or-may-not be true does not mean that it is not true.

It is kind of like the saying, “Thinking outside of the box,” and this is how it all started with me…I had to learn that there is NO box and that we are all infinite beings and are capable of anything, even the impossible …and this is how my life began getting back on track to experience my most joyous moments and unconditional love.

I opened to a whole new world of possibility, a world of exploring with my life and making choices that are good for me and my soul. I take time to educate myself on all that I can in learning about the Light. I am currently learning there are different living Dimensions. Some beings live in other Dimensions than others, some may be lower (frequencies) and some are higher (frequencies). By staying in-tuned with your higher vibrations, we are capable of having direct guidance from our Higher Source such as our angels, spirit guides and—our Higher Self. To me this is very important because I want to know my Truth. Why Am I here? Who Am I? What is my real purpose? And the questions are ever-more… and here is one to think about: Since everything IS energy—me, you, and EVERYTHING…how can something not be possible?

“Spirit is not a mystic concept. The spirit of a person is manifest in her aliveness, brightness of his eyes, in the resonance of her voice and in the ease and gracefulness of his movements. These qualities are related to and stem from a high level of energy in the body… Sensing the harmony between the internal pulsation of our body and that in the universe, we feel identified with the universal, with God. We are like tuning forks vibrating at the same pitch.” -Alexander Lowen

Balancing and aligning ourselves are key here and being I have done a lot of research on this very topic and making most of them my everyday lifestyle, I decided to share my personal guided tips on how to keep your high vibrations and good energy flowing to help you create a healthier way of BE-ing.

“Hard work is not the path to Well- Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.” -Abraham Hicks

Guided Tips on how to raise your energy and keep your vibrations high:

  • Believe and have faith. If you believe in something so much, it is sure to be with you always. Therefore, have belief and know all will work itself out because it all eventually always does.
  • Music. Listen to some of your favorite songs and artist that you know will lift your spirits. I like to jam The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Roger Waters, Bob Marley, Gangstarr, Benefit, Jedi Mind Tricks, KRS-One, The Last Emperor, Chicago, Al Green,…geesh, I could keep on going, it is hard to pick a favorite out of all the great artists there are out there.
  • Redirect Negative Thoughts. If you have a negative thought that crosses your mind, do what you can to redirect that thought into a positive statement. You can take a note of it by carrying a notebook around with you so you can keep being aware of your thoughts. Disposing old, negative thoughts and replacing them with positive affirmations will help create a better energy flow for yourself.
  • Accept Change. Change happens all the time, just let it be. Change can always mean something really amazing is about to happen so I will most certainly take my chances, will you? Jumping into the unknown is what it is all about, would you say? Sometimes it is a process but just let “time” do its work and it will all come together (it always does). Do things you have always wanted to do and embrace whatever it is the future holds for you. Do not let the unknown hold you back. Experience what YOU truly want, for you only live life once, might as well have fun with the experience than to look back and regret that you did not do it.
  • Do something you love. I love to paint, take photos, blog, write and such. Doing something for ourselves is a very good way to help raise your vibration. Make sure you MAKE the time to do what you LOVE.
  • Eat healthy. Try not to skip a meal throughout your day. It is very important to have a well-balanced eating habit. I like to eat cashews, almonds and pine seeds, strawberries, blackberries, watermelon, green beans, and so on. Other foods known to help raise vibration are whole, organics and fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, berries, raw foods such as nuts, and other foods you may feel raise your vibrations. Also, drinking lots of water to flush out your toxins is a really helpful way to raise your vibrations. I like to add two slices of lemon to my water for the refreshing taste and health benefits I receive from the lemon and water.
  • Eliminate worrying and Be in the Now. By eliminating worrying you are reducing the stress in your life which is also raising your vibrations. Be focused on the here and now, the present. By thinking of other things other than that moment, you are not being aware and awake in the moment you are given, you are creating thoughts that are really not real. Stay focused on the here and NOW, the pre-sent!
  • Light Candles. Light some candles to set a more relaxed, soothing environment.
  • Exercise. Exercising is known to be one of the best forms of health. I like to do go walking, jumping jacks, and yoga. Yoga helps me to relax; yet, keeps me well energized and feeling great. Do what you can do to get your blood flowing and your energy up.
  • Read. Whatever it is that you are drawn too…read it and enjoy. I love reading me a good book. Here are some of my favorite books that led me to where I am today. http://createwhatyouwant.org/book-recommendations/.
  • Write in your journal. Writing your feelings and emotions are very healthy for you because you are releasing any toxins that you may have build up in your body. I have written in a diary ever since I was in third grade and I know it has helped me on so many levels—even if it’s just to write, “I was very mad over the fact that I dropped my ice cream cone and did not get a new one.” (That is a story within itself… smiles…). Writing is a very healthy form of therapy—and it’s free!
  • Focus on the good. A lot of bad can happen to us—on any given day but by keeping in mind that no matter what happens all will be ALRIGHT and to search for the good (there is ALWAYS good in everything)–by doing this, it tends to heal our aches and pains a lot quicker and easier. By focusing on the positive in every situation you are able to be in control, take over the situation by letting it just be. (Because like I mentioned in the earlier paragraph, everything always works itself out—just have to believe in just that).
  • Nature. Go outside and be with the naturalness of nature. This is one of my favorites—to be outside with the trees, flowers, grass, the skies, the clouds, the rivers, oceans,…you name it… I love all of nature. This is one sure thing to lift my spirits, especially when taking photos of such beauty.
  • Release and let go of any materials that do not serve you anymore. Having old materials and items lying around your house are only collecting up space. By ridding of the belongings, you are able to create more space in your life for the things you do want.
  • Write a list of goals for yourself to accomplish. What fun it is to see when you have narrowed down all of the gazillion things you have on your “To-Do List.” Makes you feel good about yourself knowing you are getting somewhere and making a difference in your own life.
  • Focus within. There are many things this can mean but by focusing within, we are able to get to know who we truly are. Focusing within helps release old, bad habits that do not serve us anymore. Our within [by *within* I am referring to our feelings and emotions] also has significance with our Intuitions. In my experiences, I feel my Intuition is more accurate than anything else I have ever known. By focusing within, I am able to FEEL my intuition which people also refer to this as their “gut instinct” during any given situation. The more we are in-tuned with our intuition, the more we are able to connect with our Higher Self and receive a Higher guidance by focusing on our intuitions. This also brings us closer to our Truth (as all of these examples listed do).
  • Meditate. I like to clear my mind every so often by doing some Tai Chi while my tea water boils in the morning. (There is always time, especially the ‘in-betweens’ of doing something…riding on the bus from work, waiting in line, whatever it may be, find the time and sit in silence and focus inward). I also LOVE Yoga, or just sitting in silence as I am sitting in a leg-crossed position, spine straight, and hands relaxed on knees. I like to focus on my breath to help clear what they call “The Monkey Mind” or “The Chatter Mind.” Also, I like to perform Reiki on myself or others to help raise my vibration.
  • Protective Invisible White-Light Bubble. I like to imagine and visualize putting a white-light bubble around myself when I leave my house. I pray to my guides and angels to ask for assistance to protect me from any harm or negative and to keep my bubble filled with love, peace, safeness, and protection.
  • Set Intentions. Instead of relying on expectations that did not even occur yet, I like to go into an experience with an open-mind and open-heart by setting intentions on how I want the experience to take place.
  • Laugh and Smile. Tell jokes, go to a comedy club, be around the people you love, play board games, and do what it is that makes you smile and laugh. A good heart-felt belly laugh is always a very good way to help you raise your vibrations (and it is also known to be the best cure and medicine for most).
  • Conscious breathing. I have learned that I feel much more energized when I am more-so aware of my breath. When I find myself becoming overwhelmed, I take a step back from the situation and make sure to breathe at least 3-5 deep breathes. I also like to consciously breathe whenever I remember too (which has been every day now, but this took me many years to do…practice makes perfect)!
  • Be love, focus on love, share love. Train your thoughts to love, love, love. Love everything and… everything. Everything is what you are. It is said that the outer world is a self-reflection of ourselves… Share as much love as possible because it will all come back to you anyways.
  • Watch the words you use. Words are powerful tools too. Have you ever heard of the saying, “What you send out shall come back to you?” Well words can create your reality as well. I like using the statements as if it is already happening such as, “I AM.” I AM LOVE. I AM peace. I AM Healthy. I AM patient, I AM kind…. Etc… Speak with terms as if you already are because it is the NOW that is creating your future.
  • Take a nap. Sometimes we can get really exhausted from our every day lives. Not only are our bodies trying to tell you that you are tired and you need to rest, so is your mind, body and soul. Each of these all are connected and if one is telling us we need to slow down, do so for your health and to keep your positive energy flowing. Try to squeeze a 20 minute nap in your day if needed.
  • Play, have fun and enjoy life. Don’t take life too serious; instead, joke around, play like a little kid. Jump, run, play hop-scotch, spin in circles, get creative and…do what you find fun. I like to play with my toddler. He sure brings the “child” out of me. I like to play tag, play ball, and play in the dirt, too. This is what makes my life so much fun and wanting to play even more.
  • Pray. By praying you are believing there is “something” greater out there in this vast Universe. Pray for yourself and all that you wish to pray for. I like to pray for world equality, world peace, love and healthiness for all. I pray to to my guides and angels for assistance to help lead me to my truth, my purpose.
  • Say YES!!! When opportunities arise, say YES! There should not be any reason why you should pass up an experience that you sure are to learn from. Aren’t all life experiences something to learn from? …Therefore, the opportunity must have been put in your life for a reason. Think about it and make sure to say yes and have fun while doing so.
  • Create. Create your life the way you want your life to be. No one else has the power to do so aside from you. What works for others, may not work for you. Be original, be bold, use your imagination and visualize how it is you want your life to play out and then let the Universe take its course and know that all is working itself out the way it should. If you do not receive what you want, maybe the Universe has something better in store for you and what you want does not serve purpose to you anymore. Stay in high vibration and believe that all will fall into place. Have fun creating the life you have always dreamed…and keep in mind, nothing is too small or too big… enjoy!

*Please keep in mind, this is based on my life experience only. What may work for one, may not work for another. Each person is different.

Let’s Go along Together on this journey of life… Please feel free to share your insight and experiences in the comment box below… If you have had any stories you’d like to share on how to keep your vibrations high and your good energy flowing or any other thoughts or feelings you may have on the manner; I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,
Dianne Furphy

“Spirit is not a mystic concept. The spirit of a person is manifest in her aliveness, brightness of his eyes, in the resonance of her voice and in the ease and gracefulness of his movements. These qualities are related to and stem from a high level of energy in the body… Sensing the harmony between the internal pulsation of our body and that in the universe, we feel identified with the universal, with God. We are like tuning forks vibrating at the same pitch.” -Alexander Lowen



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  7. As a high vibration being, should I do what my parents want me to do? An example would be getting an A grade in school. My thoughts have been changing because of how much stress I get from getting an A grade. This right now makes me a little stuck. My parents would be disappointed if they see me not have an A grade. It’s kind of sad for me. Should I try to train myself to become a better student?

    • Hello Rainbow,

      Thank you for your reply. Very excellent questions. I believe to maintain high vibration, you have to consistently do what you feel is right. That is what is comes down to—to make yourself happy. Do things you love. For example: I love to paint take photos, draw and other artsy activities. However, there are other verification’s that would go along with such manners… If I was living under my parent’s roof, and I was not on my own, I would have a talk with my parents/guardian and explain how I was feeling. (This is also refers to relationships and partners too). I would explain what I was passionate about and how it would make me happy. However, there are many choices to go about this situation. We all have to find the choice that is right for us. Just because ‘something’ is right for someone does not mean that ‘something’ is going to be right for someone else. I have learned in my experiences that accepting and letting go can be one of the hardest things to do, yet it was the best thing that I could have done for myself. I had to let some things go so I can balance my life with making myself happy, respecting others, relationships, play time, and all the other things I have going on. It is all about balancing out everything that takes place in our lives.

      I hope I provided enough advice for you Rainbow. There are many ways to go about your questions you have asked. So please feel free to reply if you have any other questions and/or concerns.

      Much Love, Peace and Blessings to you,
      Dianne Furphy

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    • Thank you Papa!!! “Course in Miracles” is definitely top on my lists of books to read ~ actually this book has been popping up a lot lately in my life… I think it is time I read it.. thank you for the reminder!

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