I wanted to share a sweet little story with you all.

As my son went on his winter break for school I opened his homework folder to see what he had to do for the days he was off. His teacher sent home a note telling us parents that the first graders have a new project coming up based on Heroes and to talk to the children and help them understand what a hero is.

I thought to myself… hmmm, who is my hero? And the first thought that popped into my head was my sister Jo-Ann for playing all the roles she has in my life. When I asked myself who my hero is… I had images cross my mind of how brave, courageous and strong she is for taking on the role and the huge responsibility and sacrifice of taking me in and playing not only my sister but the mom and dad role to me as well when our mother passed away when I was 15 – and my sister was 20 at the time (on top of her having an infant son). I know all of those years she provided for me, cared for me, nurtured me and gave me so many life lessons to take along with me in my journey, she did all she knew how and did a super job with loving me the way she did. More so, to add to her heroic self, today she is a firefighter, saving lives almost every single day and doing what she does to risk her life to make sure the lives of others are OK. I got an overwhelming feeling thinking how amazing it is to share with my son that my sister, his aunt is my true hero and will always be someone I admire, adore and appreciate so much!

So… I talk to my son and tell him about my perspective on heroes hoping he has a good understanding of what a hero is. I ask him who his hero is and I tell him to think about it and we shall talk more about it later. So a couple days pass and he tells me that he knows who his heroes are…. his parents! I ask Brian, “What about me as your mother makes me your hero?” As he replies: “Because you love me and care about me and make me feel safe.” This completely took me by surprise and melted my heart

Here are to all those Heroes out in our world~

Written by Dianne Furphy

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