Happy 6th Birthday to my Son


CreateWhatYouWant.orgHappy 6th Birthday to my Son:

Today I celebrate my son; Brian Edison, who turns 6 and who is also the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and who has given me the very best adventure of my life thus far! This boy of mine taught me that his happiness is my happiness; his fun is my fun and his laughter–makes me laugh even harder. Brian always has a way of making people laugh, and he has the kindest heart of love especially towards his family, friends, and Mother Earth–he is such an outdoorsy person who loves all of nature–trees, flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, plants (he loves planting seeds and watching them grow) and he loves most bugs, he can dig in dirt all day and play with bugs all night. He is very adventurous too! He loves to explore his world around him–a very curious one who asks an infinite amount of questions and experiments to find the answers out for himself. He is very creative and likes to build and create things from scratch–he truly is an amazing artist/engineer/inventor too! His enjoyment of climbing is pretty impressive too, he likes to climb up and around the play sets on the play ground and he is a big fan of the monkey bars…And to mention his phenomenal piano skills he has–which Beethoven seems to be one of his biggest inspirations and has him so eager to learn and practice (especially the song Fur Elise, his favorite). I am so proud of my now 6 year-youngin’ who brings so much JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS wherever he goes. I know he is exactly what this world needs to bring more LIGHT into it and that is exactly what he is doing simply just by being him. Therefore, Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet, precious, exquisite little man who deserves the very best! Mommy Loves You more than words could ever express<3


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