Greatest Love I Have Ever Known

I am feeling a need to express my heart due to loving the man I have been with for the past 13 years–since we were practically babies just going with the flow of whatever happened–we managed and worked so hard to be where we are today and I have to say, we are the best teamwork I have ever known; therefore:

I am most grateful and truly blessed to have Brian Fitzhenry in my life as my lifelong partner, my lover, my best friend. Who knew I could fall deeper in love the more we grow, develop & learn together?! Exploring together on this wonderful adventure we call life is truly magical and my whole body, my whole heart is filled with the utmost gratitude to have you to experience everyday with. I want to share with the world how much I love you because it is you that I live for, to make happy, to cherish, adore and to love. Thank you so much for simply being you and showing me the greatest love of all that is. You are beautiful in every way possible especially through loving me, always believing in me & always being here for me. Thank you for giving me a sense of Who I Am and for allowing me to love you the way you love me.

I love you! … And those three words are only words that can never compare to how it is I really feel within, yet, they are the deepest of words I can use to express my love for you…

You are my joy, my fun, my play, my silliness, my happiness, my peace, my light, my everything.

With Love Always,

Greatest Love I Have Ever Known.


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