Grateful for New Days…

I am SO grateful for new beginnings. Let the past be the past (yet LEARN from it) and the present be a new moment we can absorb and cherish every second of. Thank you for this new day, with a new perspective. May we all have fresh new starts to a new, better, evolved us than what we were yesterday. May answers come to us as we continue to explore, question and be curious. May we learn, grow and develop by every thought, feeling, emotion, action, behavior, and words spoken during these glorious new days we are given. Thank you.

Love, light and blessings to you always,
Dianne Furphy

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”                        -Mother Teresa

Photography by Dianne Furphy, June 30, 2012, NJ.

All Rights Reserved. Photo copyright to Dianne Furphy, 2012.

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