Experiencing The Now

I keep thinking about an experience I had sometime last week and feeling the *urge* to share:

I was at the playground with my son… as I was sitting on the wooden bench, sun shining brightly as I felt the warmth of the sun rays amongst my face, gazing, watching my son swinging on the swings, smiling, enjoying himself – I had a feeling take over me completely – a feeling of *realizing* more of who I am and I was completely in that moment of how I *felt* ~ that I am here only in physical form -with this body I am *given*- to live out experiences… To learn, to feel, to be aware, to heal, to remember, to enjoy, to love, to be alive, even to feel sad and pain and to be grateful for each and every blessing… because that is what life is all about — to experience it to the fullest… The “good,” the “bad” – ALL of it. Because there really is no bad or good ~ we are the ones who make it so; we label such to communicate with others, to relate and to me, it simply is what it IS which IS an experience, an observation, an encounter–that is ALL… But that moment ~ I fell into it so deeply that I have learned I really am not my body, I am deeper, I am something more… I am infinite and I am here to take with me all of the lessons I have learned… and to be, share and spread the love and light that I truly am. This peaceful moment I had was not the first and the more I fall into these moments, the more understanding and clarity I have and it really is super magical on a level that is SO much greater than using words to describe something so enchanted and profound but I do my best because I feel these *special* moments are for me to share with all of you…

It’s all about cherishing the “time” we do get to *have* and *experience* here on earth and for each of my moments, I am most grateful<3

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