Everlastingly Love

Infinite Love

I fell & feel deeply for you
To what became something so natural and true
In all that you do…
Especially your love for me
As you and I are destined to be
In love for eternity and
Forever and ever
You and I together are clever
We understand one another’s endeavors
And only work on becoming better…
On ourselves and what we share
Showing each other we honestly care
By our heavenly stares and glares in eachother’s eyes
When they meet
We always welcome each other with an everlastingly lovingly greet
And we even share the similar experience of growing up in Philly streets
And always kicked it by listening and jammin’ out to the same underground hip-hop music & beats-
For he will always be my extra special magical delicious yummy treat

As I know he feels the same way about me too
Just know sweet, sexy, precious man: I simply love and adore you!

Words written by Dianne Furphy

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