Do you do what you are scared of?

Diggerland Activity

Diggerland Activity

I’ve learned something about myself today. I was at Diggerland with my boys (and I was SO confident I could do it) yet doing this ‘construction obstacle thingy’ (with a harness on), I made it to the first level and instantly turned right around as I made my way back down due to the fear of heights I was experiencing (never realized how bad it was until now). I have not felt this scared since I was a little girl. So after awhile, we did other activities and I calmed myself down and my little Brian asks me to go on again. I wanted to show him his mommy can be brave and courageous and so I went back on for the second time… and I made it all the way to the top! …As my little Brian screams across the other side of this obstacle, “MOMMY, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!!!” and anxiously climbs on over to me and says I just want to give you a great big hug as he squeezed me so tight (along with my love-his father’s amazing support and excitement for me that I made it). Even though the whole time I was feeling a bit (well really, A WHOLE LOT) panicked inside, I have to admit – I am super duper proud of myself!!! …And I really hope I showed my son that we can accomplish what we are afraid of because with this experience, I surely showed myself more-so ~ anything can be done. <3

P.S. The view (from the top) was super worth it too!!

Sky View from Diggerland, New Jersey

Sky View from Diggerland, New Jersey:   This is what the view looks like from on top of one of the other “rides” at Diggerland park. There was no way I’d let go of anything other than the ropes & rails I could hold onto and grip as I was climbing that crazy tall course (there was no way I’d let go to take out my phone and take a picture) and so I am glad there was another high ride (a sitting one that I was a little more comfortable with taking a photo) that took us up to see the sky line where I took this photo!

What about you? …Do you believe in doing something you are afraid of to overcome that fear? Or do you go about it in a different way? Please do share, I’d love to read your comments!

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