CWYW Quotes

“Believe in yourself and you can Create What You Want.” –Dianne Furphy, Create What You Want

“Always believe in yourself regardless the situation your in…. Challenges happen to every one of us, they will pass and will make us stronger as people. We learn from every obstacle and challenge in life. …To help the obstacles pass by more smoothly, focus on the positive and laugh as much as you can—for there is a new day tomorrow that shall bring even more joy and laughter.” –Dianne Furphy, Create What You Want

“Be honest and be true in all that you do. For Love and Happiness will follow along too. …Remember it’s up to you to be positive and be true.” ~Dianne Furphy, Create What You Want

“Happiness is a choice; therefore, I wake up everyday choosing to be happy. For those who want to hop on the happiness frequency, all you have to do is believe and—be happy.” –Dianne Furphy, Create What You Want

“It is important to be there for your loved ones; just as it is important for your loved ones to be there for you. …Even if you are just sitting there together, it expresses love and compassion which are valuable feelings to send out.” -Dianne Furphy, Create What You Want

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