Choose To Just BE

"Choose to Just BE" Photography by Dianne Furphy

Today and everyday I have choices to choose who I want to BE in each moment. I have a choice on how I treat myself and others by my attitude, I have choices on my feelings, my emotions and my thoughts. I also have the choice to react –or not to react to each situation and experience. I have the choice to feel good, to think positive thoughts and to treat myself and others kindly. Depending on how I choose to BE in each moment is what I shall receive in my upcoming experiences because I attract and manifest to me whatever I feel in my inner state.

I focus on BEing present and aware in each moment. I redirect any negative into a positive and I am in each experience and observe my feelings and emotions and simply… just BE. I go with the flow of life and wherever it may take me because no matter where I AM, it is exactly where I AM supposed to BE.

All I have is this now of time–the timeless Now, and I choose to bring my presence forward. When I choose to bring my presence forward, I am able to be at peace within myself because I AM in my natural state of JOY. Once I have this peace within me, it is my responsibility to maintain it so I can transform my external world and attract all peace into my life due to accepting what IS because everything is… what it IS.

Therefore, I choose to accept all that is, release and let go. I choose to not react or feed into any negativity. I choose to partake only in events and people who uplift my spirits and really want well for me. I choose to be grateful and happy for all that I do have. I choose to do what feels good and right to me by listening to my heart and my intuition. I choose to just BE and allow what is meant to BE.

Thank you!

-Dianne Furphy, 2013

“Mind and body have taken the journey, but the real home place is your own heart. It is infinite and so wherever you go, you are always Home.”

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