Everlastingly Love


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I fell & feel deeply for you To what became something so natural and true In all that you do… Especially your love for me As you and I are destined to be In love for eternity and Infinitely… Forever … Continue reading

Love In Me, In You


A little flow in the moment just now as I think about my significant other I have been with for 14 years: The love that I Am Is shining through And showing its truth As I feel the true meaning … Continue reading

14 Years Later…


14 years later, he still gives me his jacket when I am cold (although I try not to take it, he makes me and then he freezes his butt off), holds and opens doors for me (even the car door), … Continue reading

My Clarity


You turned my world around… You taught me how to pick myself up – off the ground by your uplifting words and beautiful sounds ~ that echoed through my soul… bringing forward my whole of illuminating light… MY! You really … Continue reading

14 Tips to a Happy, Successful Relationship


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Being in a relationship for the past 14 years; I have learned a lot about myself and one of the things I have learned is how happy I am with my significant other due to the dedication, commitment and effort we … Continue reading