Birthday Cake for Grandma Joan

"Grandma Joan Birthday"

I tell my 5 year youngin’ that today is my mom’s birthday. He asked if we can bring her a cake and sing happy birthday to her. I told him she passed away and does not have a physical body.

He says, “Huh? …she doesn’t have a body?”

I say, “Yes, it is what happens when a person dies but I believe each person has a soul which is the light deep within us that continues to live on forever & I do believe she is here with us now.”

Brian says again, “So we can get her a cake and sing happy birthday to her?”

I said, “That’s a great idea, we can get a cake to celebrate the life she did get to spend here on Earth with me and everyone else.”

I have always kept with me and remembered the love you have showed, gave and provided me throughout my life– and for that I am NOW able to share all of my love throughout the world, especially to my child. Therefore, thank you my mother, for the unconditional love– that I will forever hold within me.

…And so, here is to you–keeping you alive my dear mother, my angel who I hold deep in the love of my heart. To me, you will always be forever young…

With Love, Your Baby,
November 12, 2013

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